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Eaten by the Inca's as a snack or sweet, Peruvian ground apple –or- yacón is still enjoyed by Peruvians every day.


With a texture similar to that of an apple and a flavor profile that can be described as a cross between water melon, apple and cucumber yacón makes for a healthy delicious snack.

The tubers are large and weigh from a few hundred grams to as much as kilogram. Yacón tubers contain inulin, a sugar that the human body does not metabolize, making yacón popular a low-calorie sweetener for diabetics and people on diet.

General Characteristics

Product classification: Smallanthus sonchifolius

Type: Dried and dehydrated fruit, 100% yacón

Style: Yacón powder: Dehydrated, pulverized into a fine powder
Yacón flakes: Dehydrated flakes
Yacón syrup: Evoporated into syrup

Origin: Andean region, Huanuco, Peru

Cultivation: Organic or conventional

Color classification: Yacón powder: Cream colored
Yacón flakes: Yellow-ish, cream colored
Yacón syrup: Deep brown colored


Product Types

Types:Yacón powder
Dehydraded yacón flakes
Yacón syrup

Certification:SENASA, ControlUnion

Physical Characteristics

Color visual:Cream colored



Foreign material:Max. 0.025%


Caliber:Yacón powder: 80-100 mesh (1.0 - 0.5 mm)

Chemical Characteristics

Humidity level: Max 6%

Microbiological Parameters

Aerobic mesophilic: Max. 103 cfu

Yeast: Max 102 cfu

Mold: Max 102 cfu

E. coli (10g): Max. 10 cfu

Salmonella SP (25g): Absent

Nutrition Facts (100g POR)

Energy:372 kcal. / KJ 1556

Protein:3.2 g

Fat:0.6 g

Cholesterol:0 mg

Carbohydrates:67.2 g (Dietary fiber 9.7 g )

Sodium:32 mg

Minerals:Potassium: 13 mg
Calcium: 36 mg
FOS: 10.7 g
Phosphorus: 195 mg
Magnesium: 1 mg
Iron: 2.9 mg
Zinc: 1.4 mg

Order Specifications

Packaging/Presentation:Plastic bags packed into cardboard boxes.

Shipping:Ex works, FOB/CIF on request.

Minimum order:500 Kg.

Delivery detail:15 days, FIFO.

  Prices per KG for 2019


Dehydrated yacón flakes: USD 18.42

Yacón Powder: USD 19.36

Yacón Syrup: On request

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Organic Yacon Flakes - 4mul8 Organics
Organic Yacon Powder - 4mul8 Organics

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