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We offer affordable, compact canning systems for small to medium and             large scale drink, honey, and oil manufacturers worldwide.

Aseptic Filler

Aseptic Fillers are used to bottle drinks, oils, medicine, and other liquids as they are enclosed and retain the sterility of the product. 

They are known for being able to fill all carbonated or pulpy drinks. Highly recommended for commercial production. Beause of the versatile nature of aseptic fillers, they are easily certified by the FDA. 

2 in 1 Rotary Canning Line Filler / Sealer

The machine is composed of the filling and capping parts which are produced by new techniques introduced in the top markets of the world. The performance and structure both are up to international level. The whole machine adopts mechanical, electric, and pneumatic methods of control. The auto-control liquid level equipment fixed in the filler unit keeps the stabibility of the liquid level. The row-roller completes the capping with the rotary type equipment:

a can - a cap, no cans-no caps. They will automatically stop when there are no cans so none get crushed. The highest standard of this form of robotics is fit for all kinds of pull-tab cans.                                                                                           

CIP Cleaning System

The CIP equipment is used to clean material pipes and containers on site in strides, such as milk products, juices, hot beverage etc.

A centrifugal pump is used in the CIP to convey cleansing liquid into the material pipe and equipment to force the cleansing liquid to circulate, in order to clean without taking apart pipes or equipment. Using this system, the equipment availability can be improved with less labor.

3 in 1 Monoblock Filler

The multiple-function equipment has the function of sterilizing, washing, filling and capping . It is widely used to fill various fruit juices, tea and other hot fill products . At the same time, it can also be used to fill pure or mineral water , and is easily adjustable,  to adapt to a variety of bottle productions from 250ml to 1500ml.

Pasteurizing Cooling Tunnel

This machine adopts advanced technology from many International innovators to be manufactured. It can sterilize the filled juice bottle and cool the filled hot bottle,  in order to  make  the  next  step's packaging take place within the specified conditions. At the same time, it cleans up the dirt on the surface of the bottles.

Conveyor Belt

We offer only the most stable conveyor belts, using synchronous chasing control between the conveying belt and engine, keeping the bottles/cans in good condition in the conveying stages: non-falling, non-block, non-jam.

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Why choose 4mul8?

Installed on the Spot   -  Engineers Provided!


1) Installation is included and is Free! (Transport + USD 100/Day Value!)


2) Training fee is free for the client's employees within the installation period.


3) The air fare to an from the customer's factory is paid by 4mul8 Machinery.


4) The local accommodation, food, and transport costs to the customer's factory is also paid by 4mul8 Machinery.

1 Year Warranty + Spare Parts


1) All units include hand-picked specifications, so that you can purchase worry-free, without having to do any of the homework. That's why we're here!

2) All Units will come with a free warranty for 1 year, and 1 year's worth of recommended spare parts.

3) 3-10 Year warranties can be purchased at any time by contacting us. 

FDA Certification Included

1) All FDA Services Applicable are included in the price, so we will guide you step by step on how to get registered. 

2) FDA 3A Certification on all necessary parts (Not needed, nice to have, and we offer it in the price! This may take an extra 2 weeks if you choose to go with this option.)

Delivery & Packing     


Delivery Time: 30-40 days after down payment


Coming Documents:


1) Machine Quality Guarantee


2) Complete setup, install & maintain instruction book in English


3) Complete Documents for clearing customs


Packaging requirement:;

1) The specially packaged box is made according  to  immunity  standards. It is damp proof, rustproof, and is suited for travelling to far away locations on land or at sea. 

2) Transportation: By Sea

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