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Pearls of Cosenza

Pearls of Cosenza


Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Mr. Giuseppe's Organic Olive Oil Orchards quietly nestled in the mountains of Santa Sofia d'Epiro, in the Valley of Crati, Calabria, Italy is one of the best examples of natural olive oil production.

The high-quality organic olives are cold-pressed until they yield a truly delicious and healthy olive oil which is of the highest quality.  

Certified in Italy, this olive oil offers a well-balanced aroma and taste.

The unique landscape, with a fascinating view of more than half of the Province of Cosenza provides the right mineral properties in the soil for producing high quality olives. Artisan techniques are combined to produce a highly remarkable olive oil, with an exquisite and subtle taste.   

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Lets not forget Mrs. Miracco's splendid confectionery, honey, antipasto, and of course, the care and effort involved in making all this possible. 

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Contact: Waleed Sajjad

Toll-Free: 1-800-842-1816


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