Peanut Grinder Colloid Mill 500 Kgs-2000 Kgs

Peanut Grinder Colloid Mill 500 Kgs-2000 Kgs

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The New Smooth Peanut Grinder / Colloid Mill by 4MUL8. 

This model Grinds 500 KG - 2000 KG / Hour. It is normally used for making peanut butter by adding oil and peanuts together.

An excellent choice for grinding peanuts, chillies, soybean or anything organic to produce a fine paste. Ideal for any household or small farm.


Model: L100A (110V)

Grind 500 Kgs -2000 Kgs/Hour

Outlet diameter:20 cm


Inlet diameter:30 cm

Adjustment range: 1-0.01mm

Cooling water pipe diameter: 1/4 cm

output:: 500-2000 kg/ Hour

Material: Stainless steel

Output:: 5.5 KW

Speed: 2900r / min

Dimension: 56*42*95 cm, 135 Kgs

Spare parts Warranty for 1 Year

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