P10mm LED video ball display - Factory Direct - 1M

$19,000.00 Regular Price
$16,150.00Sale Price
P10mm LED video ball display - Factory Direct - 1 Meter Diameter ()

The LED screen market is changing greatly, from traditional advertising displays to new irregular shaped displays.

Each Pixel Pitch (mm) level is different, and the lower the pixel pitch, the higher the resolutions quality with hard-to-notice grains of LED bulbs. 

Ideal for Shopping Malls, Arenas, Stores, Airports and office buildings. 

These deals are discounted directly from our factory for you. Please feel free to inquire about current custom package deals, based on your requirements.
Pixel Pitch (mm)

1 Year Free Warranty on Spare Parts. If there are any factory defects, they will be taken care of by us. 

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