High Res. P-10mm LED SMD3535 Video Display Trailer

High Res. P-10mm LED SMD3535 Video Display Trailer

$29,500.00 Regular Price
$25,075.00Sale Price
High Resolution P-10mm LED SMD3535 Video Display Trailer 

The LED screen market is changing greatly, from traditional advertising displays to new irregular shaped displays.

This particular Panel is an Ultra High Resolution state of the art video display device, great for work site entertainment or stages / arenas. Please inquire about our other sizes!!!!

Great for using as a rental screen! 
Max Height:  L x W x H : 5800 x 2050 x 3905 mm               Min Height: 5800 x 2050 x 2720 mm

Operating Height: 3905 mm - Can stop in between min and max height setting if needed.

Draw Bar Length: A-Frame type 1200mm. 

For corner jack stands: 15 inch, 2000 lbs. 

Draw bar jack stand with 6 inch jockey wheel: 1500 lbs.

Coupler: 5000 lbs; 50mm ball.

Wheel Type: 14 inch.

Disc brake system for the wheel (No Asbestos).

Hydraulic function for video panel lift.

Manual Hydraulic Backup.

Extension Legs: 400mm extendable.

(See additional specifications)

1 Year Free Warranty on Spare Parts. If there are any factory defects, they will be taken care of by us.