Automatic Plate Flash Pasteurizer - 1000L/Hour

Automatic Plate Flash Pasteurizer - 1000L/Hour

$37,000.00 Regular Price
$31,450.00Sale Price

Brand New 1000L/ Hour Plate Flash Pasteurizer - Please see pictures for specifications!

 3A Stainless steel on all contact parts, and this design complies with the PMO Standards, suggeste by the FDA.

Widely know to be the #1 best-selling model of flash pasteurizers.
Mostly used by bottling factories, drinks producers and dairy farms all over the world!
Top-quality Flash Pasteurizing Machine.

Free Spare Parts Warranty for 1 Year. Any factory defect will be taken care of by us. Even after 1 year has passed, our customer service is there 24/7, and we will help in the best way we can.