50 cows Rotary Milking Parlor

50 cows Rotary Milking Parlor

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A full automatic rotary milking parlor for 50 cows.

Automatic Cup Puller. 

Automatic Flow Meter.

Intelligent Milking Management Software Included

Delivery Included. 

Installation Included.

Warranty included.  

4mul8 Machinery® 

50 Cow Rotary Milking Parlor with Automatic Cup Puller + Milk Flow Meter

Delivered to your door! 

Installation included after delivery! (Takes about 45 days)

Quality milking parlors are absolutely essential for large dairy farms and milk-producing operations.

Why 4mul8 Machinery®?

We offer included upgrades, installation and much more. This particular model features a round platform, an automatic pull-off, meaning that you no longer need to stand there while milking. This mechanism will automatically pull out the cluster, releasing it from the cow's teat. The Automatic milk flow meter is an added bonus. 

We pioneered the selling of milking machines on ebay and other e-commerce websites in 2015. We have had no issues with our machinery so far! Rest assured, you are in good hands!


The most commercially utilized parlor installation to date is this type of milking parlor, for large producers.

 We offer a more economical, less-automated version as well, be sure to check it out! 

Concrete turntable

Standard concrete countertops have been used in the ranch industry.

For more than 20 years, the design has been recognized as an industry leader by the turntable standards and has long proven to be the right choice for pastures in the US, New Zealand, Europe and many countries. This milking parlor features a robust structure and engineering-integrated design. 

The machine system is perfectly matched, and the convenient assembly design greatly improves the installation speed and makes maintenance easier. 

The 2.7 m wide countertop provides good protection for the milking equipment and electronics below the turntable.

The design of the turntable provides the operator with a clean, smooth operating system. 


With fast milking conditions, the flow of cattle on the upper and lower turns is very smooth and the milking equipment is at your fingertips. The direction of rotation of the turntable can be selected upon request at the time of purchase.

Operator consoles, safety and protection devices are supplied with the turntable.


Purchasing a 4mul8 Machinery® Turntable is a truly proven technology investment. The advanced design ensures that there are no additions and modifications to the site during installation. Any increase in equipment may seriously affect the compatibility of the turntable. This is worth reminding everyone.


Features and benefits

 The platform facing the outer slope can ensure a strong structural design and provide sufficient space for the milking equipment under the turntable.  Provide better cattle flow and smaller turntable diameter - smaller buildings mean saving construction costs.


 The milking system is installed under the turntable with a 1.8 meter space below the turntable for uncompromising milking performance.


 Clean and dry environment It is easy to maintain the milking system and reduce maintenance costs.

 New adjustable height and high strength steel roller Radial adjustment ensures accurate matching of the roller and the I-beam. The adjustable height is independently 

adjustable for fine adjustment of the left and right adjustment. Provides a sturdy, quiet, low-friction roller table that requires low-power turret drives. High-quality rollers 

are the basis for trouble-free operation of the turret. Heavy-duty rollers are laser-positioned and fine-tuned to perfection. The turntable has been running for decades.


 The perfect integration of the 4mul8 Machinery® milking system means that no design and processing work is required on site, each component is perfectly matched to maximize installation efficiency and protect the galvanized surface of the turret structure.

The 12 degree inlet and outlet channels are designed to provide a smooth flow of cattle to and from the turntable. Optimized milk tube connection design provides quick cup handling and optimal cup set positioning.


 New design XP heavy-duty barriers The robust design can meet 24/7 continuous operation.


 Accurate processing and quality are very important for the turntable system. We are very proud of our precise processing and quality. Each part is produced by ourselves. In the factory, we use special tools to strictly control each process. All engineers have accumulated a lot of production experience, and the perfect combination of experience, technology and strict production technology ensures the perfect combination between each part of the turntable. We guarantee the life of the product, reduced maintenance costs and downtime.


I-shaped steel

I-shaped steel is a very important structural component that constitutes the turntable. The special structure of round steel rail is the basis for reliable rotation of each turntable. Our precise process guarantees the each type of "I" steel is 100% accurate and calibrated, and the time spent on machining and precision manufacturing can greatly save installation and equipment operation and maintenance time. I-beams are molded to exact standards to ensure strength and durability. Special instruments are used to ensure that every part of the track is absolutely accurate.

Depending on the size of the turntable, 8-12 I-beam rails are typically required, each of which is a perfect combination to ensure continuity of the orbit.

Each part of the track is measured by a laser level to ensure that each track is not distorted during processing.

A 5-point measurement is made for each track to ensure continuity of the track radius so that each track is assembled to form a complete circle.


The underpass is designed to ensure that technicians enter and exit the turntable center easily and safely. 

Drive unit

The 4mul8 drive unit is maintenance-free, and the light weight and high strength of the turntable design result in a very low power of the turntable drive motor. We always configure a spare drive unit just in case. In the event of a malfunction, you can switch the alternate drive by simply switching the valve. 

Countertop, teat set and railing flush

We offer countertops, teat sets and barrier flushing systems that automatically clean the milking system after the milking is completed.


Hanging cattle exit device

We provide a device with two pieces of hard rubber to assist the cow to quickly exit the turntable.

The cow's back door makes it difficult for you to control the cows standing on the turntable. The back door is operated by a 75mm cylinder and is automatically controlled by the control panel. If your cow does not finish ensuring continuous milking operations.


ECR cup cylinder

100mm cylinder diameter, the cup cylinder long as you gently hold the milk cup group state, you only need a single button.

Milking cup set 320CC milking, the door will not be blocked. Lifts up, so that the cow will not exit the turntable in the exit area.

It is not just a cylinder, but also a remote milking pneumatic device, as in the milking state, the current milking point will automatically start.


Robust but lightweight, PPSU food grade high-strength material, durable, resistant to 

the market. Large milk inlet and outlet to improve the vacuum stability of the nipple 

streamlined collection base for quick emptying of milk, easy one-handed operation by 

of the world's most advanced diversion triangle milk lining to meet the needs of high-

smoother milk discharge, more effective protection of the cow's breasts, effectively prevent the occurrence of mastitis. Milk collector features:

• Weight 600 grams

• Drainage milk is faster and smoother

• 320CC milk collector volume

• Stainless steel cover

• For large diameter guide triangle milk lining

• Streamlined collection base sturdy, ergonomic milk collectors, is a very successful one on end during milking, ergonomically designed milk collector, milkman, greatly improves milking operation speed. The use for dairy cows is for rapid milk yield, faster and more efficient.


The G2 cleaning tray is an excellent cleaning solution for the 4mul8 Machinery® milking system. The water flow can be adjusted according to the size of the equipment.

A variety of cleaning cups can be selected, basically in combination with all cups and liners. The G2 cleaning tray is designed to ensure the hygiene and cleaning of the system.


Milk pump

The milk pump is designed and manufactured according to European standards. The open impeller design is the best choice for the milk pump. The durable structure ensures long life and is especially suitable for equipment. The specially selected stainless steel alloy ensures trouble-free pump.


• Milk pump lift 110 m

• Milk pump motor 2.2Kw, 400V 3 ph

• Milk pump flow 20,000 liters,

18 m head

• Continuous liquid level variable frequency control during the entire operation

• Reliable • Durable • Less maintenance 

Large turntable    

The oil-free Luojing vacuum pump is designed for use in pasture applications with a vacuum pumping capacity ranging from 1000 to 11500 L/min. Equipped with a 120 liter vacuum buffer tank to prevent debris from entering the vacuum pump and providing a stable vacuum, ultra-quiet

The sounder provides a quiet milking environment for the entire milking operation.

Confirmed reliable vacuum pump

• Pumping capacity is 6000 liters / minute 50kpa

• Low maintenance • No oil • Clean • Environmentally friendly

Vacuum pump inverter

2 sets of circuits, 1 with 1 spare



The vacuum pump frequency converter is specially designed for this pump. 

The digital sensor is used to continuously monitor the vacuum and adjust the speed of the vacuum pump according to the continuous vacuum monitoring of the variable frequency for this oil-free positive displacement vacuum pump. 


The Vacuum

 The dynamic control vacuum: fluctuation of the milking means the fluctuation of the vacuum. 

control system is well suited pump  controller  not  only helps to improve the stability of the milking vacuum and reduces the energy consumption of the vacuum pump, reducing maintenance costs.


Milk filter

The milk filter has a filtering capacity of 520 milking heads. If used for locations where more than 520 cows are milking, 2 or 3 filters can be connected in parallel.

The rugged, heavy-duty filter housing ensures that the filter and seal will not deform and leak during use. The filters are manufactured to the highest standards in Europe and comply with current international standards.


Center rotating platform 

The 4mul8 Machinery® Center Rotary Pair turntable. The overall stainless double brush to facilitate

• 150 mm vacuum

• 63 mm milk connection

• Completely separated power rails •With 12 power rails

• 4 silver-containing communication rails

• 30 amp brushes (two per rail)

• External electrical connection box

• Convenient service and maintenance

• Stainless steel construction 

Unique adjustable support for installation accuracy can transmit power, communication, vacuum and milk to the steel design, all power and communication brushes are connected by uninterrupted power and communication connection.

Operator control panel


The operator can adjust the speed of the turntable, forward and backward, emergency stop button and stop/pneumatic button via the control panel, and the

emergency stop and pneumatic & stop functions can also be activated via the red and blue ropes on the operator's head. Turntable countertop control electric control box.


All installation control equipment of the turntable is connected to this displayed here, which is convenient for timely solution. The inverter turntable according to the input command. If there is a fault that the turntable is promptly exited from the turntable by the direct drive 2 sets of milk receiving tanks (operating independently on both sides).

 The special design of the 4mul8 Machinery® milk receiving tank: the milk on both the receiving tank, maximizing the space utilization of the receiving of the milk pump ensures a stable flow of milk delivery.

Technical Description:

Receiving tank volume: 2x90Liters

Milk water separator volume: 2x60 Liters Milk pump power: 2.2 Kw

Cleaning surge generator electric control box. The type of fault can also adjust the rotation speed of milking. 

Milk enters the receiving tank from the top of tank, and the continuous liquid level control starts.

The surge generator has continuous water injection and intermittent air intake during the cleaning process to ensure optimal tube cleaning.


Piping and support system inside the turntable

For optimum hygiene and cleanliness and durability, all piping and supports are made of stainless steel, and cow lines, vacuum lines and filtered air tubes are food grade PVC.


Technical Details:

Milk tube: 90mm stainless steel 

Pulsating tube: 90mm food grade 


Filter air tube: 90mm food grade 


Cleaning tube: 50mm stainless 


Inhaled a cup of lye to clean the internal particles. Maintenance is low and maintenance costs are saved. Technical parameters:

Voltage: 24VDC

Energy consumption: 2X5.5W

Milking point controller MPC:

The 4mul8 Machinery® Gold PMC milking point controller is designed for the harsh environment of large farms. Its electronic platform is designed to withstand long-term work with large motors, variable frequency controllers and other noise equipment. The new controller can be used in the wet environment of the milking parlour for a long time and is a very durable product.


4mul8 Machinery® milking point controller MPC serves as the operator interface for the milking machine management system and the milkman. She can not only display the horn, milk output, milk flow rate for the milkman, but also display reminder events, such as: Cows, primiparous cows, anti-dairy cows, mastitis cows and other cows that are not sold as normal milk, these alarms will prevent the milkman from milking the cows, so as not to cause a lot of milk contamination. In this case, if squeezed The milkman must be milking and need to press the milking button twice to milk. It also displays milking information for the current shift of the cow, for example: the conductivity is too high, the minimum value of the desired milk is not reached, and the milkman can also separate the milk of the current shift through the operation panel, as long as milking At the milking point, the input is required to separate the instructions. The current cattle will be separated before exiting the milking parlour. 


Technical Details:

Voltage: 24VAC

Communication protocol: RS605 strong anti-interference ability Waterproof rating: IP54

Built-in anti-surge device.   

ICAR International Certification, < 1.5% error 

4mul8 Gold Milk Meter

The 4mul8 Machinery® Milk meter has three measuring electrodes to provide enough access to the milk flow through the milk meter, except

In addition to measuring milk production, flow rate, and conductivity, the temperature of the washing water during the cleaning process can be measured to accurately monitor the actual cleaning effect of each milking position.


Identification and propagation improvement system

The M-PD4 pedometer is a combination of the horn and the pedometer function, which is small and durable.

Studies have confirmed that more than 2 million pedometer studies around the world have demonstrated a direct relationship between cow estrus and cow activity, and the 4mul8 cow estrus module measures the increase in cow activity through a 

pedometer. The 4mul8 Machinery® system accurately estimates the optimal fertilization time and simplifies and improves the reproductive management of the pasture.

The 4mul8 Machinery® system can significantly increase the conception rate of cows, and it can reduce the number of days of cows through accurate cow estrus monitoring.


The M-4B Blonde Monitoring System uses different types of pastures, can also be used for estrus monitoring of young cattle.

The 4mul8 Machinery® Turntable Identification System has two identification sensors. One identification 

indicate the number of the bullpen. The other is installed at the entrance of the cow to sense the 

the leg. Then, the 4mul8 Machinery® software is used to match the two numbers one by one to ensure the recognition system is very accurate. Over 99.5%, there is no estimated component. For example, captive or grazing, and sensor is installed in the position of the bullpen to cow entering the turntable. Pedometer numbers are based on accuracy of the cow identification.


Air compression system

4mul8 Machinery®'s compressed air system provides clean and dry compressed air for the milking machine system and the oxen door. The system provides compressed air with a dew point as low as -80 degrees, ensuring trouble-free operation of the equipment during cold winter months. .。


Intelligent cleaning system:


The intelligent cleaning system can be programmed according to the customer's requirements and has been solidified inside the system.

20 standard step modules and more than 100 adjustable parameters, through the optimal combination of modules and parameters, can meet the cleaning and disinfection requirements of any farm. The intelligent cleaning controller can be cleaned and disinfected according to the seasons of the farm and the requirements of the milking operation. In order to facilitate the cleaning operation for different seasons and milking procedures, there are 4 cleaning programs on the cleaning controller panel.

Key, you can press the required program button before cleaning, the whole cleaning will be carried out 

according to the procedure you requested, thus ensuring the impact of different milking procedures and 

seasons on the washing and disinfection of the milking machine, ensuring the whole year. Cleaning effect.

Automatic classification system

Automatically select, adjust the group, improve the efficiency of breeding work, and automatically divide the group after milking, so as to timely deal with the cattle that need attention every day. For example: veterinary treatment, pregnancy test, breeding, and many other cattle that need to be found.

XXX sets of horns and pedometers (purchased based on actual herd data)

4mul8 Machinery®'s pedometer is the first commercial pedometer to be sold worldwide. Two uses of the pedometer - cattle identification and activity measurement.

4mul8 Machinery®'s estrus monitoring module is based on scientific research confirming that there is a correlation between the amount of activity and the estrus. And after some improvements, the pedometer can accurately complete the estrus exposure work.

The pedometer has a device for recording the number of steps, and sends the data to the estrus detection module of 4mul8 software to monitor the estrus of the cow. The pedometer's components (with internal battery) are designed to be tied to the cow's legs.

A pedometer that is removed from a cow can be worn by other cattle, and the pedometer used for estrus is more economical. 4mul8 pedometer - a good tool for cattle estrus monitoring

Why does 4mul8's pedometer become the most efficient and economical tool for estrus monitoring?

The reason is that the pedometer is highly reliable and economical. Lehrer et al., 1992; Pennington (1986) reported that the artificial observation estrus rate was 45% and the pedometer

observation estrus rate was 78% to 96%. Other studies have found that in the United States to test a variety of estrus methods, the cost of the pedometer is the lowest compared with waxing, estrus, and manual observation.

The client confirmed that using the 4mul8 Blonde Test Module can improve the herd's reproductive rate. According to statistics, after using the pedometer, the empty period of the cattle farm that relies entirely on the pedometer to monitor the estrus is reduced by an average of 13-25 days.

An overseas client (South Africa) said: Since the beginning of the use of the pedometer, we have given up on manual observation of estrus, but every hair sensation will be prompted in the computer, so the pedometer is a good tool for large farms or small pastures. And can improve the breeding work of the cattle herd in a short time.

Ranch management software and computer communication system 1 set of farm management software, milking module management software computer and milking parlor communication card


Network installation of herd management software

4mul8 Machinery® software is the core of the Ranch Management System. Electronic devices such as electronic meters and pedometers are connected with 4mul8 software to transfer data to 4mul8 Software's database. Store for long periods of time. 

The software is able to connect with all of 4mul8 Machinery®'s electronic components, receive data, and send commands to control hardware functions. The software can enable networking of multiple computers (up to 8 at a time).

All data in 4mul8 software can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet and is compatible with Office Office software. All reports in the 4mul8 software can be printed directly from the printer.


4mul8 Machinery® Ranch Intelligent Management System Features

a.  The featured software is the core of our ranch management system, through which the electronic devices such as electronic meters and pedometers are connected, and the data is transmitted to the software database for permanent storage.

b.  4mul8 software is able to connect with all of 4mul8 Machinery®'s electronic components, receive data, and send commands to control hardware functions.

c.  4mul8 software can realize the networking operation of multiple computers and support up to 8 computers.

d.  d. All data in the software can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet and is compatible with Office software.

e. All reports in the software can be printed directly from the printer.


4mul8 Software is able to perform comprehensive herd management, including:

a.  Milking operation monitoring, early disease monitoring, abortion monitoring, estrus monitoring, etc.

b. Milking operation monitoring

The 4mul8 Machinery® system accurately records the operation of the milkman, making it easy for farm managers to spot problems in the milking process.

The milking station equipped with the 4mul8 Machinery® management system contains the automatic cupping function. After the cup is set, the electronic meter 

monitors the milk flow rate in real time. When the flow rate drops to the preset flow rate, the milking cup automatically takes off. cup. Under normal circumstances, cupping is done without manual intervention. The 4mul8 Machinery® system accurately records the cupping situation for each shift. If the cup is manually forced out before the end of the milking, such violations can be found through the 4mul8 system.

  c.  The upper part of the figure in the picture shows the number of abnormal cuppings (manual forced cupping) for each milking shift. The shifts 1 and 2 are more than 30 times, which is similar to the past, but the shift 3 suddenly increased to 54 times, indicating that there is a problem with shift 3. We can also check the flow rate of each cup of abnormal cupping to find out which milking position is too early to remove the cup.

d. Early monitoring of mastitis

4mul8 Machinery®'s electronic gauge not only accurately measures milk production, but also finds mastitis cows by measuring the conductivity of milk. The conductivity increases, indicating a breast infection.   

e. Estrus monitoring

When a cow is in estrus, it becomes irritated and runs around. Therefore, the amount of activity data collected by the pedometer will increase significantly. 4mul8 software automatically screens these cows from the herd and lists them in the estrus list. The figure below is a graph of the activity of the estrus in the last 10 days. While the activity curve has risen sharply, the milk production efficiency has also dropped slightly. This is the most typical performance of the estrus.

f.  Reproductive disease surveillance - follicular cyst

Some cows can't be bred, such as cows with follicular cysts. Through the 4mul8 Machinery® system, we can find such cows and avoid wasting frozen sperm.

g.  The figure below shows the first four estrus curves of bovine 6467. The estrus interval is only half of the normal interval and is a typical symptom of

follicular cyst. Such cows cannot be bred even if they are estrus.

h.  Monitoring non-estrus

As the milk production of dairy cows continues to increase, the chances of developing reproductive disorders will increase. Long-term unestrusing cattle bring great trouble to breeding work. Through the amount of activity data collected by the 4mul8 Machinery® system, we can easily find the ill-fated cattle. The figure below is a graph of a non-estrus cow. The activity curve of this cow is very stable within 117 days after calving. There is no estrus, which is abnormal and needs to be treated as soon as possible.

i. Monitoring abortion

Pregnant cows are not estrus, once estrus, this cow has been aborted. The pedometer closely monitors changes in the activity of pregnant cows and alerts the system once a cow that may be aborted is found.

j.  Monitoring foot and hoof disease

When the cow's limbs have problems, its activity will drop. By monitoring the cattle with reduced activity, we can find out the cows with limbs and hoof problems (such as limbs and foreign bodies). The activity of the cattle shown in the figure below is very low and irregular, and there may be problems with the limbs.


4mul8 software can comprehensively monitor and manage the work of milkers, breeders and veterinarians.

a. Milking operation monitoring.

The 4mul8 Machinery® system accurately records the operation of the milkman, making it easy for farm managers to spot problems in the milking process.

The milking station equipped with the 4mul8 Machinery® management system contains the automatic cupping function. After the cup is set, the electronic meter monitors the milk flow rate in real time. When the flow rate drops to the preset flow rate, the milking cup automatically takes off. cup. Under normal circumstances, cupping is done without manual intervention. The 4mul8 Machinery® system accurately records the cupping situation for each shift. If the cup is manually forced out before the end of the milking, such violations can be found through the 4mul8 system.

The upper part of the figure below shows the number of abnormal cuppings (manual forced cupping) for each milking shift. The shifts 1 and 2 are more than 30 times, which is similar to the past, but the shift 3 suddenly increased to 54 times, indicating that there is a problem with shift 3. We can also check the flow rate of each cup of abnormal cupping to find out which milking position is too early to remove the cup.


b. Breeder work monitoring

c. The breeding report (by breeder) is a self-contained report from 4mul8 Software that compares the number of jobs and pregnancy rates of individual breeders.

d. Veterinary treatment effect monitoring

The following is an example of how to monitor the efficacy of mastitis treatment to show how to monitor the work of the veterinarian.

Finding mastitis is only the first step in the long march, and more importantly, how to cure sick cows as soon as possible. The 4mul8 Machinery® system provides a very simple tool that allows farm managers to easily understand the treatment of the disease.

The software can record the detailed information of prescriptions and symptoms of veterinary treatment in detail. At the same time, combined with the recovery of the treatment after treatment, it is very easy to judge the therapeutic effect.

The cows in the picture below suddenly became infected with mastitis on the 20th day after birth (increased conductivity, decreased milk production). Through veterinary treatment, the milk yield and conductivity quickly returned to normal levels, indicating that the veterinarian's treatment was very effective.

Mastitis treatment effect tracking (If treatment effect is not good)   

4mul8 software comes with more than 120 professional reports and charts that can be printed directly. The following is a summary of these reports: Common reports at headquarters 

Online version management system, monthly milk production report, daily milk production 

report, milk ingredients (daily), milk sale list,

Common report of the Animal Husbandry Bureau

Monthly quarantine immunization summary, monthly morbidity report, phase-out situation (cause), phase-out situation (detailed report), phase-out situation (type)

Report that must be seen by the person in charge of the ranch Herd overview, whole cattle distribution,

Herd summary (by month), calving and survival rate, elimination summary, reserve cattle measurement, reserve cattle daily weight gain

Reproduction supervisor must see report

Breeding index, breeding daily event summary, expected calving summary, expected calving, expected milking, reproduction report (total), reproduction report (by breeder), reproduction report (by bull)

The breeder must see the report daily

Today's cows, estrus curves, estrus interval of normal estrus cattle, estrus interval of ovarian cyst cattle, estrus plot of cattle, cows that need pregnancy test today, reserve cows this month, 180 days after birth Pregnancy cattle, 90 days postpartum unfed cattle, frozen sperm inventory, suspected abortion, abortion cattle activity curve, pre-production (today), expected to stop milk (today)

Milk production management report

Milking days distribution, fetal milk production curve, average parity output, DHI test results, somatic cell trend, station report (milk composition), milk composition curve milking station monitoring report Abnormal milking (premature cupping), abnormal milking (excessive milking), lactation curve, cup sequence, milking cow detailing

Veterinary Supervisor must see report

Veterinary daily event summary, diagnosis summary, treatment summary, drug summary, drug in and out, drug inventory, drug consumption list

Veterinary daily must-see report

Health monitoring report (1 deviation report), graph of mastitis cows, tracking of mastitis treatment effect (treatment is not timely), mastitis treatment effect tracking (treatment timely), digestive disease curve, limb and hoof disease curve, Summary of clinical mastitis and sputum area, suspected acidosis cows, suspected ketosis, suspected ketosis curve, all cows in the sputum area, blood milk monitoring report, platform report (land) 


Schedule: Safety stock and wearing parts for 50-position turntable equipment


N Product name Quantity

1  4mul8 Control Panel 1 set

2  4mul8 Electronic measurement 1 set

3 Control panel D type interface cable 1 set

4 Cup / vacuum switch - solenoid valve

        (negative pressure + positive pressure) 1 set

5 LE30 electronic pulsator 1 set

6 Dairy pedometer strap 200 strip

7 Milking vacuum valve 1 set

8 Milking machine assembly 1 set

9 Milk filter paper 100 strip

10 Milk pump check valve 2 set

11 Special cleaning agent for milking equipment - acid 10 barrel

12 Special cleaning agent for milking equipment - alkaline 10 barrel

13 American nipple medicated bath spray gun

Cleaning water gun 2 set

14 Milking parlor maintenance special tools 1 set

15 Milking operation and maintenance, software use

Manual 1 set

If a goat milking parlor is needed, please specify while purchasing. 

Yes, every item mentioned is already included and this is all that you need to start milking your cows or goats. We can offer grinders and mills as well, just ask!  

Investment return recommendation: According to our previous experience, the complete system of cattle of different scales will recover the investment cost in the case of correct use for 10 to 20 months. This is 30 years of scientific cattle breeding experience and mature and effective production management tools. These units help the pasture to achieve long-term maximum profitability of the system engineering.

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Spare parts warranty for 1 year! 

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