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100 Units Electric Milking Machine Cows Sin

100 Units Electric Milking Machine Cows Sin

$55,000.00 Regular Price
$46,750.00Sale Price
100 Units Portable Electric Piston Milking Machine for Milking Cows, Goats or Buffalos
Please Specify if you require 110V/60 Hz (North America) or 220V/ 50 Hz (Europe).

Operating Vacuum Degree


90*33*92cm 100 Pieces

Pulsation Times
64 times/M

Power Fitted
0.55KW Each


Motor Speed
1440 rpm/M

10-12 cows/H

Stainless Steel 304 Milk Bucket / Claw 100 pc 25L
Employees Needed when milking
1 For Each Machine

Milking Cup Groups1 set of four High Quality Food grade Rubber liners per Machine

This order is shipped by sea, delivery time is around 4 weeks. 

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